Hey everyone!

I’m Emilia, participant from Finland.

I got a chance to participate to APM (advanced planning meeting) with Chris and Ingrid from MHWB-team and Millie, group leader from Serbia. We tried different restaurants with the idea that we could find food suitable for everyone. Also considerable facts were the sizes of the restaurants and we asked the owners if they could fit us all, since after all we’re having a group with 20+ people. Restaurants also need to be reachable to the locations we are staying with the group.

It was also good to see the actual venue to think about practical things as where we are going to do what things. I only spent one night there, so I didn’t get a chance to see youth center and some other places we are going to visit. Also one point of the project is for the participants to prepare activities so it was great to hear more about different possibilities. We discussed more about participant activities in our welcome call through Zoom. We also updated the schedule that is shown in the MHWB website and updated the infopack.

What I can say about the time we spent together with Chris, Ingrid and Millie, is that at least these three are really nice people and easy to get along with. It makes me feel more comfortable jumping in to the actual project later!